Integrated care systems: Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership

The Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership is a collaboration of organisations responsible for delivering health and care services. It's what's known as an Integrated Care System (ICS). We're one of 42 ICSs in England.

Our goal is to ensure everyone living in our area can live a happy, healthy life. We believe we are stronger when working together. We are striving to improve the health and wellbeing of our population as well as the quality and effectiveness of the services we provide, while reducing inequalities between different groups.

The Partnership Long Term Plan sets out our ambitions and the difference we seek to make.

Since 2018, (under the previous guise of Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership) relationships between the NHS, local councils and other important strategic partners from the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector have been strengthened. We've had shared priorities for the future, which is leading to better and more convenient services, invested in keeping people healthy and out of hospital.

An Integrated Care Board has now been established in shadow form ahead of 1 July 2022. ICBs will be directly accountable for NHS spend and performance within each ICS and take on the NHS planning functions currently held by clinical commissioning groups, as well as some held by NHS England and NHS Improvement.

Subject to legislation, CCGs - including NHS North Yorkshire CCG - will cease to exist at the end of June 2022.

Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs) will operate as statutory committees, bringing together the NHS and local authorities as partners to focus more widely on health, public health and social care. ICPs are be responsible for developing an integrated care strategy to set out how the wider health and wellbeing needs of the local population will be met.