Post Covid Inter Care Home and Supported Living Summer Olympics

The NHS Vale of York CCG Nursing Team is inviting providers in York and North Yorkshire to take part in our "Post Covid, Inter-Care Home and Supported Living, Summer Olympics".

This is your opportunity to host your very own Olympic Games Event on any day between Monday 13 June and Friday 24 July, with activities and events of your choice, for residents, families, and staff to participate in.,

We have included a list of suggested set events to spark your imagination, and this will be your chance to compete with other providers in these events to rise up our overall medal table!  The provider with most medals overall will be presented with our prestigious trophy, as well as overall gold, silver, and bronze medals to celebrate their achievements.

Exercise is proven to be pivotal to health and wellbeing. Exercise or regular physical activity can reduce the risks of major illness, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and lower the risk of early death by up to 30 per cent. It is an essential factor in weight management and shown to be beneficial in reducing pain, maintaining bone and muscle strength, and even improving skin health. In addition, it can improve self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy levels, as well as reducing the risks of stress, depression, and dementia ... ultimately resulting in an overall healthier and happy life.

People who do not get enough opportunity to mobilise and be active are at increased risk of reduced bone mass, muscle strength, reduced mobility, increased dependence, confusion, and de-motivation. This is known as 'Deconditioning Syndrome' and often has a detrimental impact on a person's wellbeing as well as physical function and can result in frequent falls, constipation, incontinence, depression, swallowing difficulties, pneumonia, all of which can lead to de-motivation and general decline in health

The focus of the events are to help providers and those in their care fight de-conditionining, and promote re-conditioning. The message is simply…"Get up, get dressed, keep moving - your muscles, your strengths, your abilities: Use them or lose them"

We want this to be a fun way to promote health and wellbeing following what has been a dreadful couple of years, and we very much look forward to joining you at your events. We will be sharing a weekly update showing how providers have been taking part, including top tips and videos on how you can get moving.  The Olympics are open to all providers across North Yorkshire and York-

To register your service please contact More information can be found in our competitiors guide below:

Competitiors Guide
Event Poster