Yorkshire and Humber Care Record



There are hundreds of clinical computer systems across our region. They all hold clinical information about patients who have used services provided by their GP, at a local hospital, community healthcare, social services or mental health teams.

Each record may hold slightly different information about a patient or individual using a particular service.

When patients move between different organisations for different aspects of their care their records don’t automatically travel with them, and so clinical teams spend a lot of time checking vital information such as current and past treatments, test results and allergies with patients themselves or with other care providers.

This also creates the potential for important information to be missed making it harder to provide good quality, safe care.

'Shared' care records

The Yorkshire and Humber Care Record - currently being rolled out across the region - will bring together certain important information from all of the different clinical systems so that medical and care information held about a patient or service user can be centralised into one easy-to-use system.

All health and care records will remain strictly confidential. They will only be looked at by clinical care staff who are directly involved in a patient's care.

'I'm a patient - what difference will a shared care record mean to me?'

The Yorkshire and Humber Care Record will support people working in health and social care services to provide you with better and more joined-up care. It will make care safer because everyone involved in treating you will have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information about the medicines you are taking and any allergies that you have, for example.

It will also help to avoid unnecessary or duplicate tests and procedures, and reduce paperwork for doctors, nurses and other staff, giving them more time to spend on patient care.

You can choose not to have a Yorkshire and Humber Care Record. It is your choice but sharing your medical and social care information through a Yorkshire and Humber Care Record will make it easier to provide the best quality care and support for you.

What is the status of the shared care record rollout in North Yorkshire?

The Humber Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership has commissioned a team to expedite some agreed priorities for our region, including enabling primary care clinicians to access data recorded by organisations external to the GP practice for their registered patients.

In North Yorkshire this journey began in the Scarborough and Ryedale locality in early 2019 with the deployment of the Yorkshire and Humber Care Record viewing portal, to enable viewing of shared care record data.

This piece of work continues to be developed and data from regional NHS trusts and other providing health and care organisations is due to come on stream.

Over the next few months (through summer 2021) the CCG will work with practices in the Harrogate region to deploy the viewing portal to a small group of pilot practices. Once a successful pilot has been undertaken, the CCG wants to roll this capability out to all practices who will benefit from seeing data from Yorkshire and Humber-based health and care providers.

The CCG and the Yorkshire and Humber Care Records team are in discussions with health and care partners in the northern part of the North Yorkshire geography who are part of a different shared record called the Great North Care Record (GNCR) to understand their progress and how practices in the Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby localities can also benefit.

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