Steve's Story

'The short queue moved really quickly and only a minute or so later I was speaking to a lady in PPE'

16 October 2020

On 18 August I received an SMS text message from my practice (South Cliff Surgery, part of Scarborough Medical Group) inviting me to look at a link for further information on this year’s flu vaccination programme.

After I made the booking, on Wednesday 23 August I received a further SMS from my practice reminding me of the appointment and instructing me to arrive promptly but not early. The test was being carried out Scarborough Rugby Club. The SMS also instructed that I must wear a face mask and advised that disabled parking was available.

On the day, I arrived about 30 minutes early as (driving all across town) I had left home early in case of traffic hold ups. As I had been instructed not to arrive early, I waited in the car until about 10 minutes before the appointment.

After only a couple of minutes I was inside the building and sanitizing my hands. I had already taken my jacket off as I was entering the building and was wearing a short-sleeved shirt. The short queue moved really quickly and only a minute or so later I was speaking to a lady in PPE who took my name and told me to walk left, to the wall, then turn right and walk forward until I reached the number 8 sign (the furthest) on the wall.

Before I reached ‘Number 8’ a lady called to me and told me to go to a different ‘lane’.

I walked down to the table where a gentleman asked which arm I would like to be injected; I said ‘left please’ and only a few seconds later was walking out the exit door, having not even felt the needle.

On leaving the hall I was in a courtyard (buildings on three sides). I stepped through a line of chairs and walked down the side of the building and out into the car park, without having to go indoors again.

I found my car easily and was driving away a few minutes before my appointment had been scheduled.