NHS North Yorkshire CCG part of joint effort to help fight against Covid-19 second wave

The NHS, local authorities and care providers are joining forces to help tackle rising cases of Covid-19 across North Yorkshire.

Following a request from the Government to the NHS and local councils, specially-approved residential care and nursing homes have agreed to support discharged coronavirus patients to ease the pressure on the county’s hospitals.

Amanda Bloor, NHS North Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Accountable Officer and chair of the North Yorkshire group of NHS and local government Chief Executives, said: “As the number of Covid patients in hospital beds in and around North Yorkshire continues to rise, it’s vital that older and disabled adults, who are otherwise medically fit to be discharged, have a place to go to where they can be cared for and looked after.

“The Care Quality Commission has set stringent protocols which residential care and nursing home providers must meet before they are permitted to take in hospital patients with a Covid-19 diagnosis and I know there has been considerable effort to meet these high standards and maintain a separation between Covid-confirmed residents and those who are Covid-free.”

You can read more about this on North Yorkshire County Council’s website.