North Yorkshire and York Adult ADHD and Autism Assessment and Diagnostic Service

The North Yorkshire and York Health and Care Partnerships are piloting the introduction of criteria for referral to assessment for adult autism and ADHD, and a new approach to screening for neurodiversity.

From Monday 27 March, referrals will be directly through a web-based screening and assessment system called Do-it Profiler. People seeking an assessment can be given access to the Do-it Profiler from their GP.  The pilot is intended to test the new referral process and the Do-it Profiler approach over the next three months.

Commissioners in North Yorkshire and York have designed additional specific modules within the Do-IT Profiler system which are the ones determining eligibility for referral based on three assessment criteria. Commissioners have developed a mechanism for scoring the patient’s response to the three eligibility criteria, and those who meet one or more of these directly to The Retreat for assessment.

(Note: The Do-IT Profiler itself does not make decisions on who is accepted or not for referral.)

All those who complete the profiler will receive immediate functional guidance and a unique profile describing strengths, challenges, and the skills to develop at home, socially and in the workplace.

The new approach is designed to connect people with support more quickly and help prioritise resources towards most at-risk adults.

Healthwatch York will conduct an independent assessment of the pilot. Feedback is welcome at any time and can be submitted to Healthwatch York on the dedicated online portal or via email All feedback is welcome and will help inform evaluation of the pilot and future commissioning decisions.

Any comments or questions about the pilot, the criteria or the Do-It Profiler should be directed as follows: