Patients with a Learning Disability in North Yorkshire encouraged to attend annual health check appointments when called

GP practices in North Yorkshire are encouraging patients with a Learning Disability to attend their annual health check when invited.

Anyone aged 14 or over who is on their doctor’s learning disability register is invited to have a free annual health check once a year.

Most of the Learning Disability Health Checks in North Yorkshire are scheduled between December and March.

NHS North Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Clinical Lead for Learning Disabilities, Dr Peter Billingsley, said: “The annual check-ups are a great way for patients with a Learning Disability to get to know their doctor better and discuss any issues they might have.

“They also give the doctor the opportunity to spot any health problems sooner and ensure timely access to medicines and treatment.

“If you’re on your doctors’ surgery learning disability register and you or a carer is contacted by your GP practice about having a health check, I would encourage you to attend the appointment.”

During the health check the doctor or nurse will check a patient’s weight, heart rate and blood pressure and may ask for a urine or blood sample.

They will ask about general health and wellbeing and might also ask about conditions that can be more common for people who have a Learning Disability, such as epilepsy, constipation or problems with swallowing (dysphagia), or with eyesight or hearing.

The doctor or nurse might also talk about medicines to make sure the patient is being given the right medicines and check to see if vaccinations are up to date.

You can find out more about Learning Disability Health Checks on the NHS website: