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'In the NHS nearly 50% of the working population are women between 45 and 64 years old and many may be experiencing symptoms of the menopause. The menopause is not only a natural stage of life experienced by most women but also can be the result of having to have surgery in much younger women and yet it still remains a taboo subject in many workplaces. While some menopausal women receive help and understanding from colleagues and managers, research shows that many do not disclose their symptoms to management (Griffiths et al 2010). Many employees are too embarrassed to discuss the issue or think their manager would be embarrassed.

The result is that most women ‘typically suffer in silence’, while often a few small practical adjustments at work could make a world of difference to someone experiencing some of the uncomfortable symptoms of the menopause. The research also shows that nearly one in five women thought that the menopause had a negative impact on their managers’ and colleagues’ perceptions of their competence at work.

This reluctance to discuss the menopause is understandable, but there should be no need for women to feel isolated and scared to seek the support that could transform their working life. The menopause transition need not be an awkward topic and it shouldn’t be regarded solely as a female issue. NHS North Yorkshire CCG have recently joined together with the Humber, Coast and Vale partnership who collectively have an ambition to become recognised as a menopause friendly organisation. Work is ongoing to work towards accreditation for all the organisations within the partnership and we will be able to offer peer support, guidance and information, resources and training for all staff and managers.

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Peppy Menopause App Pilot

Going through the menopause can make you feel isolated and confused. Is it happening? Is it something else? Are the symptoms you’re experiencing even related to menopausal changes?

It can get tricky to find the right information and support. Your doctor may lack the time or knowledge to explain things, and Google searches might add to your confusion.

That’s why Peppy created their menopause service - to give you personalised, anonymous, expert support at every stage of your menopause journey.

The ICS are funding 150 licences for a 1 year period and are conducting a pilot of the Peppy app aimed at staff who are impacted by the menopause.

With the secure Peppy app, you have access to a range of features, including:

  • One-to-one personalised chat (a bit like WhatsApp) with expert menopause practitioners.
  • Private video or phone consultations with expert menopause practitioners,along with a personalised report that you can share with your GP, if you need to.
  • Unlimited access to virtual seminars and broadcasts on topics that matter to you such as HRT, how sex changes in menopause and coping with anxiety.
  • Mental wellbeing supportfrom a registered mental health practitioner.
  • A tailored 8-week menopause programme, featuring video tutorials and practical advicefrom Peppy experts.
  • A series of useful resources curated by Peppy experts featuring evidence-based information aligned with NHS guidelines. These can help with talking to your GP or manager about your menopause needs.
  • Access to moderated group chats which allow you to share your experiences and learnfrom

If this sounds like it will benefit you please register for more information via