Commissioners welcome results of 360 Degree Survey

Published on Aug 31, 2018

NHS Scarborough and Ryedale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has welcomed the results of a national survey which show a high level of confidence in decision-making, leadership and engagement.

The 360 Degree survey, conducted by pollsters Ipsos Mori on behalf of NHS England, was completed by 27 key stakeholders in our area including patient groups, local GP practices, NHS providers, other CCGs and local councils.

Among the findings:-

93 per cent of stakeholders rated the effectiveness of their working relationship with the CCG as very or fairly good, compared to 76 per cent nationally

70 per cent of stakeholders had confidence in the CCG to commission and decommission services appropriately (the national average is 57 per cent)

89 per cent of stakeholders said there was clear and visible leadership of the CCG (compared to 69 per cent nationally) and they have confidence in the leadership to deliver on plans and priorities

81 per cent of respondents said they had confidence in the CCG to act on feedback it receives about quality of services (nationally it’s 64 per cent)

85 per cent of stakeholders said they knew about CCG plans and priorities, compared to 78 per cent nationally, with 70 per cent saying when they had commented on those plans and priorities, their views were considered even if the CCG had not been able to act on them (national average is 53 per cent)

70 per cent of stakeholders said they were very or fairly satisfied with how the CCG involves patients and the public, compared to 64 per cent nationally

NHS Scarborough and Ryedale CCG Chairman, Dr Phil Garnett, said: “We rely on strong relationships with a range of health and care partners to be successful commissioners and make good decisions.

“The results of the survey show, by and large, we have those in place and we are good at working collaboratively to address local health and care challenges and engaging and communicating with patients and the public.”