Sleep support for children and young people: The Sleep Charity

A pilot project to help children and young people overcome sleeping difficulties has been extended across North Yorkshire.

It uses behavioural therapy, sleep clinics and workshops – rather than medication – to improve a child's sleep health.

The Sleep Charity – an award-winning voluntary organisation based in Doncaster – was initially commissioned to offer services in Whitby, Scarborough and Ryedale.

The approach has been so successful, NHS North Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG),  (NHS Humber and North Yorkshire ICB from July 2022) has now commissioned The Sleep Charity to provide support to families North Yorkshire-wide for a further 12 months (from April 2022-March 2023).

It will also provide professionals' training to GP practice staff, health visitors and school nurses.


Referral information


Click on the relevant links below for more information:

Referrals can be made from a GP practice by telephoning mobile 07568 052300.  For more information please contact The Sleep Charity on telephone 01302 751416

Referrals by email can also be accepted by emailing . The message must be encrypted. Please refer to the NHS Mail Encryption Guide for further details.

Once referred, a child and their family will be triaged to the most appropriate level of support, based on need, ranging from workshops and webinars, to one-on-one support with a specialist sleep practitioner.

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Tutti Frutti - free online resources

In partnership with the Sheffield Children's Hospital and The Sleep Charity, Leeds’ children’s theatre, Tutti Frutti have created free online resources to help children experience better sleep.

The main resource is an audio play by acclaimed children’s theatre writer Mike Kenny. There is a podcast for children, linked to the play, also a very short Sleep Karting game. In addition there are two podcasts for adults, one for schools and one for parents.

The parent podcast contains a real life success story from Claire Earley, whose second child has physical disabilities and would wake hourly through the night until he was 8 years old. There is also advice from Helen Rutherford, a trained Specialist Sleep Practitioner who has worked with children with additional needs for over 30 years. Helen has been lead practitioner on a number of projects including the NHS England funded ‘Sleep Support for Children with Autism’ (that went on to win a National award for The Children’s Sleep Charity) and Sleep Support for children with ADHD funded by BBC Children in Need.

Access the free Tutti Frutti resources, here.

The National Sleep Helpline

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